Hello everyone. The continues to be an article about the Eloncity project I want to send to all of you “Eloncity’s founder, Andy Li, helps you break down your energy bill!

Andy Li was previously employed as a Cisco Principle Engineer and mastered traffic engineering. He also led ChinaCache to build an ECN/CDN solution for internet infrastructure, which is analogous to the micro-grids. Also, Andy leads the Alibaba Cloud Computing Data Center architecture team, pioneers in the use of direct current distribution networks in mega data centers. Finally, since 2014, Andy has been leading POMCube Inc. to design battery energy storage systems (BESS), which can directly power DC appliances.

While working at ChinaCache, Andy experienced the most adverse condition that can happen to an internet and cloud computing company. Due to this disaster, Andy left ChinaCache, but left all his stock ownership to his coworkers and returned to America to start a new career. Although it is nearly impossible, Andy is always chasing an ideal business world without any corruption. This is his story.

Now let’s discuss some important feature of Eloncity Project!


ELONCITY is a project not so new to the world energy industry, but they want to apply Blockchain technology. Eloncity wants to decentralize its power system into millions of microgrid grids capable of self-supplying electricity. Electricity will be produced and will be provided locally 24/7, and will directly compete with existing power supply units. Electricity prices will be more transparent. EVERYONE CAN USE ELONCITY TECHNOLOGY FOR FREE ELECTRONIC MANUFACTURING. And so, we can power the whole world using clean energy.

The main goal of Eloncity is to solve a universal problem that affects everyone. Eloncity’s project focuses on replacing traditional energy systems with the power grid infrastructure made up of millions of self-supplying micro-grids, and thus makes renewable energy widely available. at all hours of the day. This will address the imbalance in supply and demand for renewable energy, a hot topic in recent years. People around the world have been experiencing the political and economic problems of declining fossil fuels as well as the problems of renewable energy production.

ELONCITY uses blockchain technology to solve energy problems and bring benefits to mankind in general. Eloncity technology will help produce electricity virtually free of charge, thus supplying the world with affordable clean energy.

Andy Li, the founder of Eloncity and POMCube, served as ChinaCache’s Technology Director and is a computer researcher at Alibaba Cloud. During his 12 years of experience working for Cisco in the United States, Andy developed an in-depth knowledge of information exchange techniques and has since conducted extensive research into intelligent network access. In 2014 Andy founded POMCube, a company focused on the development of highly efficient energy storage systems controlled by cloud computing. Then in 2018, Andy founded Eloncity, which was dedicated to recreating billions of dollars of global electricity markets using blockchain technology. The resulting products have been put to practical use in the industry.

At the first “Block chaining The Future” summit in 2018 (22–23 May) held at the W Hotel in Taipei. The summit sponsored by the Yangming Mountain Future Society, founded by prominent Chinese economist Jiaming Zhu, Andy Li, delivered an important speech entitled “In his talk, Li raised the issue of centralized utility, with only 3% of the world’s resources coming from renewable resources. decentralization of power generation, end-users are able to balance supply and demand of the market. Eloncity plans to use blockchain technology to reduce energy costs in different ways. Li explained the principle behind Eloncity’s work and described how the cryptographic economy would encourage and promote automated energy trading in real time, entirely in micrograms. He also describes how a price equilibrium can be achieved through a dynamic supply and demand. Li used a detailed array of data to show how much the cost of distribution would be more reasonable than current prices and that PV systems on the roof would allow local energy generation. higher market competitiveness. Li also introduced how Eloncity protocols can be applied in real life and discuss the basics of energy storage systems. After seeing the potential behind Eloncity’s work and the positive impact it may have on the world, many of the participants spoke to Andy Li and expressed interest in collaborating in the future. hybrid.

On May 4, 1818, Andy Li was invited by the 3 O’Clock Entrepreneurship Discussion Group to be a speaker and panelist on “Global Power Restructuring by Blockchain.” Discussing the importance of using renewable energy, renewables can help tackle global warming and resolve energy conflicts.

Blockchain and Energy

What’s the relationship among Block and clean Energy? According to the ELONCITY’s Founder, these 2 technologies are inextricably connected, as now there’re a few hurdles in spreading clean power. The economy of tokenization and tech of block-chain are almost the single way to solve this issue. Though, not entire Block-chain projects can cope with this job. The costs that power companies charge the users are getting upper and upper, placing financial force on the user. In reality, the dealing system can’t solve this issue and help male costs more market-oriented.

Therefore, the ELONCITY will make a dealing Block system that’ll be synchronized with AI (Artificial Intelligence) Algorithm, connecting the state of the distributed online resources of things (IoT), and will apply device learning to determine the model of the request for the energy of the community.

One of the main of objectives is to decrease the expense of local power than the cost of power for the platform in the order to use marketplace efficiency to boost the use of power storage ecosystems and decrease for local power consumption.

Micro Power Plants

The ELONCITY is going to produce tools for the production and storage of clean power. Consumers will capable to sell further capacity during peak hours. Therefore, the creators are going to motivate a wide number of people and firms to spend on tools for power storage. In addition, an ecosystem for encouraging consumers has been designed. For every megawatt of clean power saved, you can acquire 16 ECT tokens in the shape of a reward. Therefore, the creators are going to motivate a wide range of people and companies to spend on tools for power storage.

ELONCITY has decided to open up a complete number of scientific and technological ways to encourage developers from entire over the globe to work jointly to develop and manufacture PV for distributed power storage ecosystems, the power systems itself, and tools for conversion and energy exchange. They’ll also extend an open a dealing block-chain system and tool to count fair costs. The community will be capable to independently develop a dealing system based on the block-chain system and use Artificial Intelligence to decrease the reason for custom arbitrage.

For what Cases Do We All Need ELONCITY?

Our advanced lifestyle relies upon the massive electric lattices that energy all from electric lights to mass travel trams. In spite of huge walks in mechanical progress, these present lattices are to a massive scope based on a maturing outline, that’s basically a brought jointly matrix engineering bolstered by a wide power age plants in remote places which associated customers locales via the intricate maze of (T and D) Transmission and conveyance arrange.

The coordination of energy in exchanging present frame and its conveyance via the multifaceted Transmission and conveyance organize are overseen by a territorial structure administrator or (IOS) free of cost structure administrators. The ISOs not only to require to adjust the energy making and utilization constantly, yet in addition have to guarantee the energy delivered remotely is shifted to customer locales with no running into blockages on the tremendous Transmission and conveyance sort out.

While the current electric energy strictures are between the most complexes developing structure at any spot designed by humankind, this brought jointly energy lattice configuration is starting to demonstrate its rage. The current brought jointly power platforms confront some vital hurdles in offering secured, protected, dependable and moderate vitality administrations. The following reasons of just a few of vexing hurdles the present concentrated energy structures confronted.

When you join the problems of cataclysmic occasions, populace progress, and eco-friendly change, new methods to deal with vitality generation & conveyance are needed like never earlier. It’s our conviction that the replies for these issues ought to likewise create lively and controlled development for everyone.

The foundation, a non-advantage located in Singapore and a supporter for public access to a decentralized based sustainable energy source, share this aim. The foundation has teamed up with global associations and nearby platforms to build up the ELONCITY model, a platform drove access utilized to address these issues and decentralized sustainable energy source tools to accomplish a sheltered, lively, solid and evenhanded vitality next.

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