Loligo is a decentralized launching platform for ICOs that is fair, peer-to-peer and blockchain-based. Blockchain implements smart contracts permitting a phased release of funds collected for the ICO while, at the same time, a collective right of withdrawal. The token is both mineable and environmentally friendly, consuming little energy thanks to dual mining. Miners can sell the tokens on recognized exchanges, and individuals will be able to use them to participate in fundraising, including those affiliated with the ICOSafe program. A range of services is available to facilitate the governmental adoption of ICOs. The platform is open source and free.

And in order to protect the monetary and material resources of investment investors with protection and help many entrepreneurs to win their trust, an interesting and promising site is created under the name of Loligo!

This program calculation prepares plans to create a decentralized ecosystem for the safe conduct of the ICO, facilitating the creation of mental contractual agreements on its own platform with the help of small and usually ordinary production associations and receiving the necessary payment for improvement without going into technological conditions and wasting time on the campaign itself.

In effect, as a result, a small number of small and medium-sized companies receive financial support or financial loans are given to already tested software calculations for a very long time. This situation leads to a slow introduction and emergence of new innovative technical innovations, as well as to the full monopoly of large production associations, competition, with which others do not stand a chance.

But until the recent duration of the moment, the emergence of crowdfunding was positive, which helps to collect all interested parties for any kind of launch, and this thought came with success successfully. Products, in the end, were not bad, but not all project plans became successfully successful in the future, developed in relation to the plan, some of them appeared to be scammers, and people had to say goodbye to their investments.

Advantages of Project


This formula allows users to

  • Finally Solve the ICO safety problem, known as DAICO.
  • Add controls and access constraints to the blockchain
  • Require standards in the launch process and the code of contracts
  • Streamline the launch process by defining steps and imposing rules
  • Establish a fair management model incomparable with the famous DAO
  • Ensure optimal performance, thanks to the dedicated ICO network
  • Prepare for the formal adoption of ICO by nations.


Factory: Allows the ICO launcher to edit, check, test and publish its LCC contract on the blockchain.

Dashboard: An online service to manage ICO campaign through an intuitive graphical wizard while offering the classic features of the dashboard and much more Market: This component lists ICOs and associated labels and allows the direct token purchase.

Benchmark: All ICOs are verified by our experts and through automated real-time analysis, results are available in the benchmark tool.

Exchange: This is a private cryptocurrency exchange that supports all ICOs launched via the LOLIGO platform. Smart Wallet: Allows the purchase and storage of LOLIGO tokens, participation in different ICOs, portfolio monitoring, and voting for or against current projects.

Token and ICO information


  • Token LLG
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Type ERC20
  • PreICO price 1 LLG = 0.002
  • ETH Price in ICO 1 LLG = 0.003 ETH


  • Pre-sale, 01/08-01/09 201830%
  • Tokens for sale 11,200,000
  • Accepting ETH,Fiat
  • Distributed in ICO 70%
  • Soft cap 950,000 USD
  • Hard cap 12,000,000 USD



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BCT username: nguyentuit5a
BCT url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1502146
Address: 0xBa1ffB8993063cd5402CCB84f4330177D4410fFd


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