What is Eloncity?

Eloncity is a project based on decentralized renewable energy design architecture. It contains a blockchain platform which provides efficient, secure, open recording of energy transactions. And this “Eloncity Model”, is an approach which is community-centric and support decentralize renewable energy resources to achieve efficient, cost-effective, safe, reliable power supply. Eloncity is the future of the power industry.

Recent Eloncity News (News after September 1st)

September 2, 2018

The renewable generation technologies of Eloncity Model include solar PV, windmills plus other generation technologies optimized for local renewable resources and suitable for deployment in the target community.

September 4, 2018

The granular power flows management of an offers superior delivered power quality as compare to existing centralized AC grids or other AC microgrids. The size of a DC network is also a critical factor for the quality of the power delivered.

September 7, 2018

Eloncity aims to empower local energy consumer networks that share, and exchange locally-produced to overcome structural, geographical, and economic barriers and to also enable sustained development and well-being.

September 10, 2018

Our Foundation will collaborate with manufacturers, standard bodies, customer advocate groups, and stakeholder groups to introduce the universal plugs and sockets for 200Vdc; everywhere we go, we will be plugged into much more energy efficient energy infrastructure.

September 12, 2018

3Sun Electronics is the primary battery supplier. Strict quality controls allow them to maintain a strong business reputation. The annual production of 3Sun is about 8GWh, which is slightly lower than that of Tesla’s Gigafactry, but it may soon exceed Tesla.

September 13, 2018

Core ECTP core energy exchange platform based on high-performance blockchain network. The ELONCITY blockchain will be an enhanced Ethereum blockchain technology that has been optimized for the high-volume high-speed energy transaction.

Why Do We Need Eloncity?

The world’s population is increasing day by day. With that, the demand for electrical energy is increasing too. So centralized AC grids will not be a cost-efficient solution for transmitting a huge amount of electrical energy for long distances when considering the losses ( transmission loss and distribution loss ). And with the increasing demand, the above-mentioned problems in centralized AC power electrical systems too get more effective. So this technology must change, there must be a better way or a way without these problems. Project Eloncity seems to be a very good solution for this when considering the “Eloncity Model” which was created to address all the challenges faced by this centralized AC power electrical systems.
Another important fact which we must consider is the blockchain platform which provides efficient, secure, open recording of energy transactions. It is very significant. The Blockchain stage is the major cause for a secured and efficient record for a proficient chronicle of vitality exchanges in the network in a reliable manner. The blockchain platform also motivates and empowers the Eloncity project community group to build up an auditable record and it is a very significant advantage.

So when considering these facts we can very easily understand the reliability and value of this “Eloncity Model” for the future generations or for the power industry in the future world. And this project gives what people actually want, a safe, cost-effective, reliable power system. So according to my point of view if you a going for an investment project Eloncity is the right place for that. It will be a safe and more profitable place for your money. I’m inserting all the URL’s related to this project and all the links to their social media platforms. Don’t forget to follow them and keep in touch with the project. Eloncity is the future of power industry and it’s future of the world!

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